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发布时间:2021-02-16 22:43:01

Former Liverpool CEO Peter Moore talked about the impact of empty stadiums on the league in an interview with The Times. He said: "Not allowing fans to enter the stadium will damage the operation of the football league."


Moore said in the interview: "We have seen what happened to Bury and Maxfield. I am worried that if we can't find a way to get the fans back on the court, it's just the beginning. The damage will last for many years. , The club we lost will never come back."

摩尔在接受采访时说:“我们已经看到了伯里和麦克斯菲尔德发生了什么。我担心,如果我们找不到让球迷重新回到球场上的方法,那仅仅是个开始。损害将持续很多年。 ,我们失去的俱乐部永远不会回来。”

"Winter is here, and all science and data show that we will spend more time indoors, which is more dangerous. I am not an epidemiologist, but the challenge is whether it is safer to sit in an outdoor environment like a stadium , How to reach the stadium safely, how to go home safely after 90 minutes."


"There are also those who live on football and those who seek income to support their families in this industry are also lost."


"In Liverpool, we have thousands of temporary employees to support the operation and hospitality of the stadium, and we must take care of these people."


"This is about the mode of transportation. In winter, it's safer to stay outdoors than to stay in a house. Scientists tell us that they worry that if we spend more time in poorly ventilated places in winter, the virus will spread more easily. ."

“这与运输方式有关。在冬天,呆在室外比呆在房子里更安全。科学家告诉我们,他们担心,如果我们在冬天在通风不良的地方花费更多的时间,病毒将更容易传播。 。”

"The Premier League is looking for a way. They also have their own challenges. The loss of income on match day is as high as 90 million pounds for the big clubs."


"This is especially important in the football league. In the lower leagues, their business model is that someone comes to w亚搏网址官网atch the game and consumes on the spot."


"We need to put the football league in a position of rapid growth in order to be able to compete with those commercial competitors."


"I think the football industry is very simple. You can make as much money as possible, and then you can invest it in good players who can produce results. Good brands want to be one of them, especially those with a long history like Liverpool. There are clubs with many fans all over the world."


"The one thing we didn't do was to make good use of this and interact well with our fans locally and globally, and my role is to keep in touch with fans and our partners as much as possible."


"If you look at the Premier League platform from a global perspective, those international teams with a long history are usually used to promote the league itself."


"When you look at some statistics and views over the past few years, Liverpool is undoubtedly the most viewed team in the world, and of course this is also true in the United States."


"However, the media funds we have obtained have allowed us to invest a lot of money in talent regardless of the ranking. This is what makes the Premier League unique.


"The competitive aspect is very important, and you feel uneasy every weekend."


"Every time we think about the weekend, it will be the same as the previous weekend. The score may be shocking, which is not common in other leagues."